Guided Inquiry 4

  • Due Feb 10, 2020 at 1pm
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The purpose of this guided inquiry is to go over the details of these informed search methods: Uniform Cost Search (UCS), greedy search, and A*.  You'll also learn about estimating the cost to get from a given state to the nearest goal state.

Learning Objectives

Basic learning objectives

You are responsible for learning and demonstrating proficiency in the following objectives prior to the next class meeting:

  • describe the algorithm for Uniform Cost Search (UCS)
  • describe the algorithms for informed search:
    • greedy search
    • A*
  • define what it means for a heuristic to be admissible and consistent
  • classify a heuristic as admissible, consistent, or neither
  • create simple heuristics for a search problem

Advanced learning objectives

You should demonstrate mastery of the following objectives by the end of the next class meting through the in-class activities:

  • develop and compare heuristics empirically
  • compare search algorithms empirically


Watch these videos to help you understand the various algorithms. You might want to watch these at a faster speed.

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