Quiz 1

  • Due Feb 12, 2021 at 9:55am
  • Points 5
  • Questions 12
  • Available after Feb 12, 2021 at 9am
  • Time Limit 50 Minutes


This quiz has 10 problems. You will be graded out of 5, which means you get to choose which 5 you'd like to do. There are three caveats to this:

1. you may attempt up to two additional problems, and if you get them correct, they will count as extra credit
2. you must indicate which 5 (or 7 if you attempt both extra credit questions) you would like graded by listing the question numbers in your response to the last; I will not grade the others
3. by the end of the semester, you must pass at least one question associated with each of the programming skills and constructs (listed below); each question is labeled with the skills/constructs associated with it, so when you choose your 5 questions, make sure you are cognizant of which skills/constructs you need to fulfill

You will get credit for any problem that you select for grading that you answer correctly or very nearly correctly. Ignore the point value of problems—they are all worth the same.

Programming skills

  1. communicate about programming using the correct vocabulary
  2. plan and design programming solutions to problems
  3. implement programming solutions proficiently
  4. read and trace code
  5. plan test cases for a program and interpret the results
  6. debug logical and syntax errors in code

Programming constructs

  1. basic terminal commands (ls, cd, pwd)
  2. compiling and running programs
  3. variables
  4. basic input/output
  5. branching
  6. looping
  7. vectors and arrays
  8. functions
  9. structs
  10. input/output streams
  11. searching and sorting
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