Course Syllabus

Focus is on developing the critical oral and written managerial communication skills demanded in the workplace. Highlights the need to identify audiences, their preferred communication styles, and identifies the characteristics of effective business communication. Students will develop their written, oral and interpersonal communication skills through a variety of exercises including crafting email, letters, memos, executive summaries, visual aids, etc. Students will learn how to effectively deliver negative and positive business news and to communicate persuasively. They will develop proficiency in incorporating evidence and effectively structuring communications. Student will also learn the basics of LinkedIn and resume creation along with templates.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course the student should be able to:


  • To foster critical skills, critical reasoning within the area of business communication
  • To foster successful writing skills, research skills and analytical approaches to assignments
  • To enhance skills in managing interpersonal communication within the workforce
  • To develop effective oral communication, individually, as well as in groups
  • To develop successful approaches to manage communication across different cultures

Course Summary:

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