Quiz 4

  • Due Oct 29, 2021 at 9:55am
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  • Time Limit 50 Minutes


This quiz has 10 problems. You may complete as many or as few of them as you'd like; whatever quiz points you accumulate over the semester will be divided by 35 for your final quiz grade (there are a total of 80 quiz questions offered throughout the semester). Each problem is worth 1 point (though they all appear as "0" for Canvas bookkeeping reasons) and will be graded as follows:

  • Full credit (1pt): the provided solution is correct or very close to correct.
  • Partial credit (0.25pts): the provided solution is correct in some key ways and demonstrates a mastery of some of the concepts being assessed in the question.
  • No credit (0pts): the provided solution (if any) does not demonstrate any mastery of the concepts being assessed in the question.

An average of 4.333 correct questions on quizzes and 9 correct on the final will give you a perfect quiz grade.

In addition, part of your final course grade is based on your coverage of the following skills and constructs; to "cover" one of them, you must receive full credit for at least one quiz question that assess the skill/construct.

Programming skills

  1. communicate about programming using the correct vocabulary
  2. plan and design programming solutions to problems
  3. implement programming solutions proficiently
  4. read and trace code
  5. plan test cases for a program and interpret the results
  6. debug logical and syntax errors in code

Programming constructs

  1. basic terminal commands (ls, cd, pwd)
  2. compiling and running programs
  3. variables
  4. basic input/output
  5. branching
  6. looping
  7. vectors and arrays
  8. functions
  9. structs
  10. input/output streams
  11. searching and sorting
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